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Caravan & Camping Site

ATKV Hartenbos is the ideal spot for an enjoyable caravan vacation. Each of the more than 540 stands are equipped with a 220 V/10 A power point, with a choice of sea view and non-sea view, Hartenbos is the ideal location for a breakaway. Two of our camps have paraplegic bathrooms.

Caravan Stands (6 people)

Terrain J. 8 Stands

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Carney units ATKV Hartenbos

Carney Units or Rooms

4-Sleeper Units

Kothuise ATKV Hartenbos


5-Sleeper Units

Oranjehof rooms ATKV Hartenbos

Oranjehof Rooms

2/3-Sleeper Units


2, 3 & 4-Sleeper Units

Beach Houses

Beach Houses

6 & 8-Sleeper Units

Seefront Lofts

1, 2, 3 & 4-Sleeper Units

Hartenbos Units

3 & 4-Sleeper Units

Semi-detached houses - ATKV Hartenbos

Semi-detached houses

6-Sleeper Units